• Delivery

    The delivery fee depends on the size of your order and the delivery time that you choose. The fee for each delivery will be displayed when selecting a delivery window during checkout, before you place your order.

    Please keep in mind that all orders must be $10 or more.

    Instacart Express

    With Instacart Express, you will have no delivery fee on all orders over $35. Service fees may still apply. For more information about signing up for Express, check out this article: What is Instacart Express?

    Busy Pricing

    When we experience high demand for a delivery time, a Busy Pricing delivery fee may apply.

    Our top priority is to provide customers with an amazing and reliable experience. Busy Pricing allows us to keep more delivery times open and ensure our service available to you even during the busiest parts of the day.

    Your delivery fee will be displayed clearly when you select a delivery time. Delivery fees that include Busy Pricing are noted.

    Does Busy Pricing change the price of my items?
    No, Busy Pricing only affects the delivery fee and will never affect the price of your groceries.

    My order was late but I paid for Busy Pricing. Can I have my money back?
    Yes! If your order is delivered late and you paid for Busy Pricing, we will automatically refund your Busy Pricing fee. The regular delivery fee will still apply to your order.

    How can I avoid paying Busy Pricing?
    You will be much more likely to pay standard delivery fees if you are able to schedule your delivery in advance.

    Customer Pricing

    How does Instacart determine customer pricing? Do those prices ever change?

    At Instacart, our goal is to deliver affordable pricing that makes our marketplace accessible to as many people as possible, while creating a fulfilling experience for our thousands of dedicated shoppers.

    As part of Instacart’s commitment to clear and affordable pricing, we regularly run limited time pricing tests for new and existing customers and Instacart Express members. There are several pricing options that we explore as part of these tests, including adjustments to the cost of the Instacart Express membership, service and delivery fees, and default tip amounts, among others.

    We use these tests to gather meaningful shopper and customer feedback that will help to inform and calibrate our pricing over the long-term. Our goal is to offer clear, affordable pricing that makes Instacart accessible to more people, ultimately increasing our order volume and creating more opportunities for our shoppers.

    As always, we look forward to continuing to receive valuable feedback based on your experience with Instacart. Feel free to use this link to tell us what you think and to help us improve and deliver the best possible experience for customers and shoppers.

  • Item pricing

    Retailers set the prices of products available for delivery on the Instacart platform. In some cases, prices may be higher than in-store. Although Instacart may not honor in-store discounts, we do offer exclusive Coupons for select items.

    You can see detail about pricing at the stores in your area by logging in and visiting: https://www.instacart.com/store/prices.

    Note: We reserve the right to cancel an order for any reason, including as a result of items that are priced incorrectly. If we do cancel an order, we will refund your account for the amount paid.

    Who sets the prices on Instacart?
    All prices on Instacart are based on the prices set by the retailer.

    You can see the pricing policy for a specific retailer by clicking on the View Pricing Policy link at the top of that retailer's storefront.

    How does Instacart determine the final price for weighted items?  
    Some item weights, like produce, are measured by Shoppers using in-aisle scales. The weight of items from the deli, meat, and seafood counters are determined by the label applied in-store to those items.

    What if I find an item that is priced incorrectly?
    If you notice an item that you believe is priced incorrectly, please let us know and we will look into it as soon as possible. Follow the steps outlined in this article: Report incorrect information on an item listing



  • Instacart Coupons

    Instacart Coupons are manufacturer’s coupons that apply automatically to qualifying products at checkout to help customers save money on the products they love.

    To see available coupons for your store, select the Store and then click Coupons below the search bar.

    Do you honor store sales and coupons?
    Although Instacart may not honor in-store discounts, we do offer exclusive Coupons for select items.

    Do Instacart Coupon prices apply if an item is replaced or refunded?
    Each catalogue item has its own pricing. If the original item is replaced with a qualifying item, you will receive the qualifying item discount. If it is replaced with a non-qualifying item or refunded, or if the coupon requirements are otherwise no longer met, you will not receive a discount.  

    Tip: You can choose a Specific Replacement from the catalogue before placing your order! To learn about setting Replacement Options, visit this article

    Terms of Promos & Coupons

  • Taxes and fees

    Estimated Taxes & Fees

    When first placing your order, we provide you with an estimate of the sales tax and any other applicable fees and taxes, such as bottle deposits and bag fees. These are the sames types of fees that you would pay in the physical store.

    You can see any estimated taxes and fees applicable to your order on the right hand side of the checkout page. Hover over or touch the info button next to Estimated Taxes and Fees.

    Final taxes and fees will be included in your receipt after your order is picked and delivered. A breakdown of applied taxes and fees is visible on your delivery receipt under Order Totals.

    Sales Tax

    Depending on where your delivery address is located, sales tax may be applied to some or all of the items in you order. The sales tax total appears as a summary on your receipt.

    Bottle deposit and bag fees

    Bottle deposits and bag fees are collected in accordance with local city and state laws, wherever they are applicable.

    What are my local bottle deposit fees?
    To find more information about your state’s bottle deposit fees, please visit:


    What are my local bag charges?
    To find out more about your local bag charges, please visit:


    Can I return bottles through Instacart for a bottle deposit refund?
    At this time, your shopper cannot accept bottles or bags for return.

    Healthy San Francisco Tax

    The San Francisco Healthy Tax will apply only to those orders shopped and delivered within the City of San Francisco. For more information on the SF Health Tax, please visit this FAQ.


  • Temporary authorization hold

    When you place your order, instead of immediately charging your card, we place a temporary authorization hold for an amount slightly higher than your estimated order total.

    We place this authorization hold in case your total turns out to be higher due to special requests, added items, replacement items, or weight adjustments. The authorization hold will be about 10% to 15% higher than your order total at checkout.

    After delivery, the hold will drop off, and your card will be charged for the final total. The final charge will appear within 7 business days after order completion.


    I cancelled my order, but I still see an authorization hold on my card
    An authorization hold can take time to drop off from your card or bank account. Please contact your bank directly regarding their authorization hold practices.